We should not always ask

who is the first human being in sports

but what is the first

sport can give to human beings!

Let's make a difference - this year #together!

This is the motto of "my" 48 hour charity run in 2019. Together with the athletes of RaceRunning Austria, we will do our best to move as much as possible for the good cause!

But to achieve our goals, we need your (financial) help. I hope, you support this idea as sponsors once again and a very big THANK YOU to all my faithful sponsors who have donated EUR 50,258.99 for the good cause since 2010!

SUMMARY: Start at Whitsuntide, Saturday, June 8, 2019, 12 noon. From then on I will run for 48 hours day & night on the track of the Vienna Athletics Centre (LAZ, 1020 Vienna, Meiereistraße 18) with a lap length of 437.72 metres. Also a ultra relay of RaceRunning Austria will run for 48 hours with their racerunners on the track.


With your donation, you support the total of our running kilometres in favour of "sowieso! art and movement workshops for children with disabilities" and "RaceRunning Austria - acquisition of an additional racerunner".


Your donation will be doubled by my employer (Macquarie Group Foundation). So, you give one Euro and that will become two Euros for sowieso! and RaceRunning Austria! You think this is a great deal? Then click here and we are very happy that you jump right down to make your donation promise .

You want to know more about? Here are the details ...


The idea: on the Whitsun weekend, Saturday, June 8, 2019, starting at 12 noon, through moving ourselves, we like to make things moving. On the track of the Vienna Athletics Centre (LAZ, 1020 Vienna, Meiereistraße 18), 8-10 athletes of RaceRunning Austria will form an ultra relay and in parallel with me will tick off lap after lap on the outer lanes of the track being 437.72 metres "long"! Hopefully, you as sponsors will support the total kilometres run by the relay team and me with a small amount. The 48 hour run will not only be an adventure for me. For the RaceRunner athletes, it will be a completely new experience, as there has never been such a RaceRunner ultra relay before and the longest RaceRunner individual distances are 5.000m (world record time in the RR1/M class: just over 38 minutes) - it will be a completely new challenge! But together we will be strong and will push each other - just like the RaceRunner athletes already cheered me on during my solo 48 hour-charity run in 2018 while they were training (more about that in last year's report in lap 171ff - unfortunately only in German).

Our goal is ambitious: with your help, we aim to finance the annual budget of "sowieso! art workshops for children with disabilities" as well as a new "RaceRunning"-bike by running as many kilometres as possible!

Why this year's cooperation? Both projects perfectly show what is possible if you believe in it!

sowieso! – that is painting, handicrafting, building, making music, playing, exploring, discovering and being creative together!


In the Vienna based "ZOOM museum for children", sowieso! provides monthly art workshops for children with disabilities aged 3 years plus. It's unique in attaching one companion to each child, putting a dialogic structure in place . Therefore, the focus is on each child's individual needs. As the socio-economic situation should not be a factor for children to participate, sowieso! art workshops are provided for free. Complementary to the art workshops, inclusive movement workshops are offered.

In this video, Leonie's father perfectly summarizes what it's all about: „In former times, children were provided with less activities which led to children being less capable of things. This triggered the perception of these children being less qualified for a lot of things. ... It's the most wonderful experience to see what our children are capable of and which variety of activities they can follow!" . Let us help to provide many more parents and children this experience. sowieso! and their members of the board, with whom I'm personally in contact, are thankfully grateful for our help!

In RaceRunning, using a three-wheel ("RaceRunner") bike, athletes with e.g. cerebral palsy, can continue to move with the power of their own legs and improve their gait and movement through continuous training! Or once again perfectly summarized: "It feels like flying, they say. It's a lot of fun!" You can get an impression of RaceRunning watching this great video provided by the Austrian Broadcasting corporation. Coach Maximilian Knöbl and his athletes are very much looking forward to our joint adventure!

How do we manage to reach our goal? We will prepare intensively for these 48 hours, in order to do our best for as many kilometres as possible! Therefore, please support us with a base amount for each kilometer we will run. And to keep us motivated, we would like to ask for an additional amount for each kilometer after having reached 175 kilometres

Doubling of donations: my employer Macquarie has established the Macquarie Group Foundation which - besides of other activities - supports fundraising activities of its employees. This means, each Euro you donate for this charity run, Macquarie Group Foundation will also pay one additional Euro to sowieso! und RaceRunning Austria. So, for your and our motivation: each kilometer we achieve counts twice!

I hope, you are as excited about this charity in favour of sowieso! und RaceRunning Austria as we are and give us a lot of (financial) support!

Regular news will be available in my blog http://martin24h.blogspot.com - unfortunately only in German, but I think Google Translate helps you out.

So how does it work?
Below you can choose the base amount for each kilometer as well as the motivational amount for each kilometer above 175km. After your input, you will see an overview what your total amount of support will be depending on the total kilometres we achieve.


How to transfer your donation?
Bank account details in favour of sowieso! and RaceRunning Austria and doubling by Macquarie Group Foundation will follow after the charity run. For residents outside the Euro-Zone, using transferwise.com with the upcoming bank account details will be the most efficient solution.

I will regularly publish the current status of donations that all of you promised below.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your support and we hope to collect as many donations as possible!

Also in the name of sowieso! und RaceRunning Austria, yours Martin.

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